Photoshop reflections


Call me a Luddite, but I’m not a great advocate of Photoshop. Not to say it hasn’t got it uses. If I was a high flying ad exec type – it would be fine. They are selling ideals, but I prefer a bit more truthfulness.

I guess I might be splitting hairs. It’s not that don’t fiddle at all. At the minute I crop a bit, maybe straighten a dodgy horizon, change the levels or exposure slightly – all in iPhoto on the mac.  I had Elements 8, but it has demised (long story, cat + coffee + computer), and I can’t find the original cd at all.  Previously I just used it to size the photos for the online print company I  use anyway.

However, annoyingly I still need to do this, so I have downloaded the trial of Photoshop CS, and the instructions on how to get going. A very earnest narrator explains how I can download their photo, and then merrily starts removing “flaws”. The horizon, I get. But does the crack in the base of the lighthouse really spoil the picture? Is it not part of the veracity of place that it was there, along with the straggly grass hillocks and dips (he didn’t like those either). The next episode has me moving an island. Moving an island! But it’s ok because it auto fills behind me. Oh dear.


I definitely get that it’s addictive – one flaw inevitably leads to another, and before you know it, you can’t stop.

But I think I might like the flaws too much. I like the reality. I like taking pictures. 

I realise this is not the mainstream view. But there you go. We’ve all got to go our own way :).

Door guard

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