2015 Project List

I love a project.  I have quite a few for this year. Here in January it’s helpful to have some good intentions anyway 😉


  1. Get some more words written on that novel – for opus, read procrastination. Time to do some more on this.
  2. Try to get some articles published – maybe in The Simple Things, or one of the photo mags, or even a poetry mag. This idea isn’t quite formed yet!
  3. Blog – well at least I’ve started


  1. Enter the Faber & Faber competition – done! Feeling brave..
  2. Write a lot more poems
  3. Get more into the mechanics of it
  4. Be brave! Note bravery seems to be my word of this year. (Several people work with this idea, try Jamie Ridler or Susannah Conway). This feels good and bad.


  1. Experiment with still life
  2. Follow the prompts from Shooting with Soul
  3. Try some “serious” portraits
  4. Explore joining a photo library
  5. Get some prints on etsy
  6. Maybe offer some classes


  1. Finish my dressing gown (this is my first ever garment). I’m cheating a bit here, as I finished this at the weekend. But I’m going to blog about it soon! Done.
  2. Make a kimono jacket – I’ve got some lovely fabric for this
  3. Work on my Yukon Quilt – this is going to be a memory quilt of a trip we did a few years back
  4. Make some more clothes – I’ve got some patterns from Merchant & Mills / Amy Butler etc to make up – ’bout time I did them
  5. Make lavender & rose sachets for scenting clothes Done


  1. Paint some more


  1. Print some gardening themed cards 4-6 designs
  2. Print some fabric for sachets
  3. Print a scarf
  4. Design some fabric for dress making

So there we go, no particular order, and accepting that things change. I’ll see what the year brings 🙂

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