So, sometimes it’s good to be inspired by the news. At the beginning of January, a man found an old Saxon hoard – here’s the story, and not so long ago there was this amazing find called the Staffordshire Hoard. From these, a poem came. Please note, as far as I know, the people involved weren’t broke (I made that bit up!).

Also sorry no pics – I didn’t have any handy photos of Saxon relics in my repertoire ;).

If you like this kind of thing, then also check out Sutton Hoo, which has a strange Spiritualist tale attached to it’s discovery (the scientific versions of events like to gloss over that though).

Anyway, here’s my poem.

Inheritance (hoard)

Not two coins to rub together

I cajoled the bus fare from my son

Took my trusty weapon

my metal detector

off to forage with my mates

we held the line across the slope

working our section

cutting sharp across the old ground

at first I saw a bit of sky reflected

knew I had a coin.

Moving the one, revealed the many

suddenly my army of friends gathered round

blocking the light from the dark hoard

So many coins I could hardly believe

I had buried them so many lifetimes ago

& spent these ages

broke each time,

Looking for my lost inheritance.

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