More Rivers (poem)

In 2012, we canoed a part of the Yukon. Later I read about how the ice breaks up in the winter – it’s sheer force. And here is a poem, part of my River sequence. I only have pics from the summer, so here’s some ice from elsewhere.


What the River Stole (Yukon)

The water, too perfectly clear for sin,

Cleansed the banks, god-like in its fortitude

The ice broke up to Eagle –

Jammed against the town, the church,

the settlers cabins,

Shunted them into the river

Reclaimed the land for its greedy self.

The fumes from the shattered diesel tanks

drifted along the buckling ice

Announcing the Breakup upstream.

Then behind, the flood:

The sheer weight of water following

Relaying the surface

with mud and debris


Taking the land back.

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