Just wanted to share this great magazine. (Not being paid to say this!)

It’s called Black + White Photography. I love it because, for the most part, it’s less concerned with the technical intricacies (and we all know how obsessive photographers can get about those) and publishes the most beautiful pictures instead. B&W of course, but beautiful, even when maybe the subject matter isn’t. This month there’s an article about the largest slum in Africa. And about different types of printing, among many other things. It inspires me to take more photos. And isn’t that what photography is really about? Taking the spark of an idea, and capturing a bit of the world, a bit of truth, and holding it in a frame….

You can get it electronically, or on “old skool” paper. Here’s the link.

I’ve not posted any pics of the mag, as folk get sensitive about copyright these days.

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