This Year’s Womad

We went to Womad – last year and this. In 2014 the sun shone and it was beautiful. In 2015, it was quite a bit wetter!

It started ok, but soon deteriorated into a mud bath. For those if you who haven’t come across it – this is a super-cool world music festival. It’s my favourite. It’s been going for years. I love how you can move round the festival and here musicians playing all sorts of instruments, all sounds, all sorts of genre. There’s a really good market too, selling everything from pottery to baskets from Ghana, jewellery, ethnic clothes, oh and the food! Mmmmmm – from all corners of the world.

At times it was so wet even I stopped taking photos. There are a few 7am Monday morning – just the footprints left – and there are always the flags….

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