Norfolk part 2 (Sequence)

In the school holidays we had the pleasure of sailing on the Hunter fleet – build early in the 1900s – beautiful wooden boats, no engines, a “quant” pole for getting off the mud. The masts are counter-balanced so you can go under the bridges. In the drawers, crockery! In the cabins, paraffin lamps. Beautiful.

On our trip I was so thrilled to see them again. One of the 2 berth boats came past disturbing the swans, so I’m posting the sequence of shots I took.

Norfolk, last October part 1

Haven’t been out much, but here are some pics from our trip to Norfolk last year. This was a special trip for me as I grew up here until I was 16. I haven’t been back for over 20 years. These first pics are of St Benet’s Abbey. There were monks here from the 9th century onwards, they have great names like Wulfric & Aelfsige. This place was very significant in it’s day – which seems surprising now, as it’s in the middle of the marshes. The monastery was destroyed during the Dissolution ordered by Henry VIII. The gatehouse survived, although was later appropriated by a wind pump! I love the juxtaposition of the rough and ready bricks with top quality flint. I could see the gatehouse in the distance from my bedroom window as a child. But I never visited it. So we made a point of canoeing there. I also met another photographer taking large format pics – very exciting!