Review / Take Courage



Wow – my blog will be a year old tomorrow! Time flies….

I looked at my to project list from last Jan. I managed a few, but quite a few more to do. But we did manage to move house too, which wasn’t quite on the original list. Now I have a million sensible things to do instead 😉


But my 2016 creative list is shaping up like this – hopefully more achievable this year:

  1. More writing – I’m hoping now I have a creative room I will manage a bit more (as soon as the heating is fixed in there…)
  2. More blogging. I’m going to try to take better photos. I’m feeling very frustrated with my Canon Ixus, so I’m thinking of changing it to a new point and shoot for daily use. Any suggestions – I need a good macro??? Also I have an impressive quantity of film to use courtesy of my lovely friend Angus, so that’s very exciting!
  3. Poetry – maybe I need a target this year. Even if it’s a couple poems a month – better than none.
  4. Photography challenge is to take more portraits
  5. Sewing this year is all about curtains…..
  6. Art / printing – print some linen napkins and try to paint some more, and not just walls.
  7. Gardening – the garden is a blank canvas – well a weedy, needing some TLC canvas – so plenty to do on that front. Also hoping an allotment might come up.

My word for 2015 was BRAVERY and I certainly needed that. For 2016 the word is NOURISH – not very good at that so it feels like more of a challenge… time will tell.

So here on the brink between one year and the next, Take Courage. Wishing you all a Happy New Year!



2 thoughts on “Review / Take Courage”

  1. Just stumbled upon some of your beautiful evocative poems…..and I loved them. My favourite was the flooded river one…Never stop writing Angel – You are very talented x


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