Detour for Dartmoor

I have been to Cornwall for work – the weather was, well, changeable! There was bright sunshine, rain, almost sleet, and hail. The temperature varied between about 10 degrees to 3 degrees. It was a bit nuts.

On the way back I detoured across Dartmoor in Devon. I love its bleakness. It’s wild horses wandering across the road, it’s rocks, stone walls. It’s crazy place names – I liked the idea of Higher Godworthy ;).

It’s sparsely populated. Although prehistoric people seemed to love it – there are many signs of their presence. I might post some pictures of those another day.

But here are some of the moor: the fields and the High Moor. As we’ve had a lot of rain, everything had that crisp cleaned-out brightness. It was bracing …..

I only had my naff point and shoot – I’m going to change it, as I’m always disappointed. Should have bought my SLR. Live & learn.

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