Poetry Haul

A feeling to go into our local Oxfam bookshop resulted in a fantastic haul of poetry books. 🙂 such a rarity!

Clearly some judge had done their job of weighing up the “Best Collection” & “Best First Collection Submission (Cat B)” and had dispensed with the tomes to the charity shop. There were lots there. It’s so good to be introduced to poets I might never come across – even as a keen poetry lover. Most bookshops don’t venture far off the usual track of Shakespeare’s sonnets, some Keats, and a few modern poets, a few collections…. these are good – but we want more!!!

My haul included:

Are you as Single as that Cream? by Amy McAllister

Groundings by Nicola Warwick

In a Hare’s Eye by Breda Wall Ryan

Clasp by Doireann Ni Ghriofa

All by Robert Powell

Barnard’s Star by Tamar Yoseloff (this didn’t have a sticker on the back so this was a lucky extra!)

As I’m putting in these links it’s a bit soul destroying – so few reviews! These poet’s hearts are in these books and they are just not reaching the right people. Poetry is so wonderful, it reaches the parts that other beers don’t reach, and yet it’s still on the fringes. I encourage you to venture into poetry. Modern poetry, old poetry whatever. Just start 😉

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