Garden overwhelm

My new garden. It needs work…. lots of work.

For starters it has been much neglected by the several years of tenants rather than loving owners. It turns out so far there are precious few flowers – lots of shrubs in various stages of leggy overgrowth. About 2 daffs. A nice pond. Not much else.


Also on offer – lots of leylandii (yet to solve that one, solutions on a post card please). Oh and clay – enough to start a pottery. The brick yard literally used to be down the road. ūüė¶ A shed which has an interesting lean…

I have started digging. It’s mostly sticky and horrid. The beds are passable. 2mm past the bed it’s squiddy clay.


I have started planting lots of things in pots so I can work the beds into better condition.

DSC00253  DSC00251

I have resurrected my mini greenhouse.

The plan is for scent, and flowers Рespecially in spring when you need that boost. For beauty, and movement, and COLOUR! So needed in this place, so long wanting attention.

And veg – seeds only planted now due to dreadful grey & cold weather. More to come.

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