In the glasshouses

Oh so beautiful – these glasshouses are over 100 years old. You’ve got to love the Victorians. Scale no object! There’s a peach house, a vine house, a melon house, a carnation house, 18 in all….. Imagine – a greenhouse just to grow carnations. They must have needed a lot of carnations in the nearby big house (now school). If you want to check it out it’s called The Walled Nursery. There would have been a large walled kitchen garden too, although that’s grassed over now.

As a true photographer I love a bit of dilapidation, although the owners are desperately trying to raise the enormous amount of cash required to fix it up.

But there’s a wonder in all that glass, and the spaces where the glass used to be. In the seized mechanics, and little artistic finials, and the task ahead to bring it back to glory.



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