It’s structural

Working hard over the last few weeks, with my mum and on my own, the garden is progressing. A helpful blog (foolishly I didn’t save the link) pointed out how to deal with a mature unloved garden – strip it back. Dig out anything that isn’t in the right place – save it if you want to. It’s structural you see – you have to get it back to the bones.

So after several huge bags of ivy, one less pyracanthas (except the stump) and a fair amount of blood courtesy of the spines, we have made some steps forward. It’s way harder than it looks. The ground is clogged with roots, the ivy is everywhere. 😦 It’s heads down, forks in the ground, and keep going … and going… eventually I will see the fruits! I guess, this project may take some time!

I’ve removed one of the mystery yellow hose pipes – not connected to anything – guess it must have been some sort of ancient (and ugly) irrigation system.

The “pond bed” is half dug (stumbling across one of the pond pipes by mistake).

I’ve started laying out where the plants I’ve gathered so far will go. Even just laying out the garden has given it a new energy. The love is coming back in :).




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