Iron Age Village

So this is Castell Henllys Iron Age Village, stumbled across on the way between Haverfordwest and Cardigan. Did I tell you how much I love pre-history?

Having set off at 5.45am that morning, it was good to have a break in the most unusual setting. The village was on a raised bit of land, set in a bowl – you could certainly see everyone coming. And the views, some across to other early sites, were fab too.

There was a special feeling about the settlement, about history and time passing. A stillness. The robin and the squirrel came to hang out as I sat in the circle of the roundhouse. I have a thing about circles and circular spaces. They don’t work like normal spaces. Something different happens with the energy – no corners to hide in or gather dust.

I was last (it being late in the afternoon), and a very kind guide called Sarah rounded me up, and even unlocked a few huts she’d already padlocked so I could see inside. So glad to have seen this place and been touched by its spirit.

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