More gardening / remembering Pat

Have cleared another couple of beds. I’m keeping the unknown variegated shrub, and the spirea which is just coming out now, and is already looking beautiful.

I’ve started planting some of the things in pots into the garden. Primroses, cowslips, crocosmia, a couple of peony, bleeding heart, one of the camelia, and some of the snowdrops. Oh and Japanese Quince.

I’ve also planted a smoke bush, which I love. It reminds me of a dear friend of mine called Pat. One of the last times I saw her, the Smoke Bush in her front garden was beaded with droplets of rain, and it looked magical (I also remember her eucalyptus which had a pink rose trailed through it, stunning). Pat was a wonderful gardener, so I hope her spirit is looking after me!

I’ve been finding random things buried in the garden too – this week a small plastic rabbit and a sundial! The beds are proving to be not too bad, but venture off and you find solid clay.





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