The Professionals!

My friends have come to help with the garden. Some from Australia. Some from down the road. It’s already making a big difference. The ivy on the right has been hacked through (thanks to the neighbours who helped shove some of it back over the fence) and friend A, who was virtually digging back to Aus.

Friend A also found an abandoned birds next which had three raided eggs in it 😦 It didn’t smell too good, but the construction was really something. Perfectly round on the inside with impressive moss insulation.

I also cut down the two goat willows which has really opened up the garden – just need to dig out the stumps now.

We were much supported by our nearest and dearest who chopped up the debris, and the bin men who kindly took it all away in one go, when they didn’t really have to.

More progress to follow, as Friend A is still on the case. 🙂



After the storm

It’s been a hard few days. The UK is in shock, and for good reason. I wonder how we might find consensus again, when we are so at odds with each other and how to be.

The storms have been rolling through. Thunder, lightening, torrential rain – for days it seems.

Afterwards on Saturday evening, it was fresher. Things felt a bit calmer. I went for a walk, just to feel more grounded. There’s so much chatter and fear. We need to bring it back down to earth.

The fields were full of rain. Hundreds of droplets dangling from the grasses.

Growing Cell Fail & First Sweet Peas

Ok so I tried these growing cells, but I have to say they haven’t worked out that well for me. The plants are scrawny, and the roots don’t seem to develop that well – they are somehow inhibited. Also the growing material doesn’t retain water very well. Of course I could have watered them more, or pushed the seeds in deeper…. but I’m going back to soil next year.

To balance it out my sweet pea seedlings are now flowering and I’m giving them away I have so many!

Beware of the chickens & other stories

Been working in the garden, cutting back some of the trees and the box ball. I’m waiting for the garden to burst into colour – it’s in a green lull, where most of the spring flowers are over, but the summer ones I’ve planted haven’t bloomed yet. I feel vaguely disappointed that lots of things are not established enough to flower his year 😦 or have been eaten by slugs….

To break it up I’ve been visiting various local artists’ studios, part of South East Open Studios. Had a great time, one potter (Simon Olley) even let me have a go. Efforts, middling!!!

I also loved the Beware of the Chickens sign. A first, I think, for Open Studios.




Cow Parsley Lanes and stormy skies

It’s the beginning of summer. The lane I walked down last week now has a froth of cow parsley along the edge. The weather has been beautiful and sunny, with really localised showers. Rain from afar always looks more romantic ;).

The weather has broken now and we’ve had loads of rain. I’ve had to put the heating back on, so maybe summer hasn’t quite arrived after all!