The Professionals!

My friends have come to help with the garden. Some from Australia. Some from down the road. It’s already making a big difference. The ivy on the right has been hacked through (thanks to the neighbours who helped shove some of it back over the fence) and friend A, who was virtually digging back to Aus.

Friend A also found an abandoned birds next which had three raided eggs in it 😦 It didn’t smell too good, but the construction was really something. Perfectly round on the inside with impressive moss insulation.

I also cut down the two goat willows which has really opened up the garden – just need to dig out the stumps now.

We were much supported by our nearest and dearest who chopped up the debris, and the bin men who kindly took it all away in one go, when they didn’t really have to.

More progress to follow, as Friend A is still on the case. 🙂



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