Bulb Planting

Another year – time to put some bulbs in :). I’ve put most of them into the garden to bulk up the solitary daffodil from last year! Bulbs are so easy – I love the way the bulbs are the promise for next year’s spring, and the return of the light after the dark wintery days.

So I’ve planted:

  • Snowdrops (in the green, in the spring)
  • Summer Snowflakes (a tall snow drop like plant)
  • Grape Hyacinths – Siberian Tiger (a white one), Latifolium (shades of blue) & Azureum (frilly at the bottom) plus some others already in pots though I’ve forgotten the names  😉
  • Lots of mixed daffs plus Rip van Winkle (my favourite narcissus) and Minnow
  • Painted Lady Iris
  • Glory of the Snow – what a great name!
  • Jeanne D’Arc Crocus – mmm maybe I need more crocuses….

And these alliums: Cristophii, Cernuum, Cameleon, Gladiator (just 3 – so expensive!!!) and Purple Sensation

And these tulips: Sarah Ravens Venetian ones, Rococo – I loved those from Pashley, some unknown pink ones, and some free red ones.

Oh and some Spraxia – a lovely orange colour.