Feb Seed Plantings (Secretly in March!)


So I’ve finally got round to planting some seeds. Just been held up by weather, life etc.

So my Feb plantings look like this:

Veg / Herbs

  • Broad beans (already planted) – Super Aguadulce, Stereo, Sutton, Crimson
  • Peas – Tendrilla, Sugar Ann & Douce Provence
  • Tomatoes – Tigerella, Red Grape Sugar Plum, Indigo Rose, Gardener’s Delight,Costoluto Fiorentino
  • Tuscan Kale
  • Aubergine – Slim Jim – never tried to grow aubergines before so we will see how it goes – this is a slender variety which hopefully will make it easy to use in the kitchen
  • Artichoke – Violet de Provence – there are some old artichoke heads in one of the other allotments and they look fab even as they disintegrate
  • Thyme / Coriander / Fennel (herb) / Garlic Chives


  • Sweet Pea – Blue Velvet & Almost Black – I have also ordered some paler seedlings which will doubtlessly turn up in due course
  • Snapdragon – White Giant & ‘Night& Day’
  • Rhodochiton – Purple Bells
  • Stipa/ Giant Feather Grass
  • Angel’s Fishing Rods – Donard
  • Gypsophila – Rose
  • Dianthus – Russian Skies

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