Allotment Update

So a few trips to the allotment over the last couple of weeks. Somewhat distressingly some one had driven over the corner of my allotment with a big truck (deliberately). Mmm  – not amused 😦 .

However, no major harm done just need to dig it out and put up a fence!

Otherwise, I have planted out my new rhubarb, plus some summer, tuscan & winter salads. I’ve put the salads in one of the raised beds, with some mesh over them to protect the seedlings when then come up.

I’ve also put the pea sticks up, ready for the pea seedlings which are coming on at home. And I’ve planted most of the broad beans. Thinking of netting them to protect them from the pigeons.

I’ve also grown a lot of weeds.

The ground was rock hard after 5 days of dry weather. In the end I had to water the ground and cover it with a tarp so it was soft enough to work the following day. This clay soil is either so soggy you are carrying a kilo of claggy earth on your wellies, or unworkably solid 😮 .

Finally, I planted some Dahlia so I can enjoy cut flowers later in the year – I rarely cut them in the garden as I don’t want to spoil the view so this should be a good way to get some lovely colour into the house.



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