Rest of March Seeds / Spring Garden

Bit late posting this, but anyway! Flower seeds this time (I always end up prioritising the veg!)


  • Cosmos  – Click Cranberries/ Psyche White (kind of frilly variety) / Purity
  • Sarah Ravens mixed cut flowers
  • Corn Parsley
  • Nigella – Blues
  • Lupin – Pink Fairy
  • Gypsophila – Covent Garden
  • Bunny’s Tails (type of grass)
  • Cornflower – Double Blue
  • Viola – Heartsease
  • Verbena – Bonariensis
  • Zinnia – Deep mix (really bright colours)
  • Basket Flower – Aloha Blanca (from Chiltern seeds)
  • Poppy – Black Beauty / various unknown in a brown envelope from our old garden (the best kind, lol).
  • Prince’s Feathers

I’ve also planted my sweet pea seedlings which arrived in the post. And I managed to build by seedlings cloche to shelter all this industry.

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