Great Dixter Plant Fair (last weekend)

Found out about the Great Dixter plant fair by mistake, but a happy one. I looked at the stalls, which had some beautiful plants on them, and lots of nice unusual things to distract me. If I hadn’t just come from the Walled Garden at Hawkhurst and spent money on a nice cherry cola hechura, a pretty euphorbia, and an unusual bleeding heart, renamed Valentine, with a really dark red heart, I probably would have been even more distracted!

Anyway, overall it was interesting and I would definitely go again. The (high) entrance fee included entry to the gardens so I had a nice roam around.

What’s good about this garden is it’s human touch. It is not perfect – but it is beautiful. It’s an enthusiast’s garden – how much can you squeeze in just for the joy of plants.

I especially loved the fritillary meadow, and the way the magnolias had broken free of the walls they started against, and roamed across the flower beds, and onto the paths. It was impossible to take a decent photo so you will have to visit yourself 🙂 .



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