Allotment update

Here are the latest pics from the allotment. The frost wasn’t much appreciated by the mange tout – I tried to put fleece over them but they still seem to have been affected. The normal peas are ok. It’s a mystery.

Meanwhile only some of my raspberry canes have come up – the Glen Ample (which admittedly I bought reduced in the garden centre in approx November) have not sprouted at all (grr). I have also lost my Xenia Gooseberry for unknown reasons. But some of the rasps have taken ūüôā and there are still 2 gooseberry bushes, plus the blackcurrant which all seem ok.¬†The Rhubarb is not totally happy either, in spite of all the manure / compost I put in before I planted them. I hope they recover.

I’ve started to put the net onto the fruit cage, but might try to redo it, as I think I might need to split the net at the corners so I can roll it up when it’s not in use (still pondering¬†that one).

As the ground is totally awful I’ve bought another raised bed, which is inexplicably¬†a different size from the others, despite just reordering on Amazon. However, it’s slightly deeper so probably it’s going to be ok. I just need to fill it with the last of the compost mix.

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