More cool seeds

So here are a few more cool seeds – I love their variety of shape and form.

So this is the planting list:

  • Craspedia
  • Scabious – Ping Pong
  • Chrysanthemum – Rainbow Hippy Love Child (got to love that name!)
  • Sunflower – Harlequin
  • Coleus
  • Borage & Chamomile
  • Poppy – Venus
  • Cornflower – Black
  • Nasturtium¬†– Climbing & Black – straight into the garden
  • Italian Bugloss
  • Some very old herbs (out of date) – thyme (2015) garlic chives (2014) coriander (2015) fennel (2015) so we will see…
  • plus Lemon Cucumber

My lavender plugs have also arrived – Hidcote, Munstead & Ellagance Sky so I have planted them on too. Also gratuitous pics of my Malus, which has been flowering it’s heart out, and my favourite tulip…



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