Too many slugs

Not happy – come back from hols to discover the slugs have been busy with my beans. I have now resorted to slug pellets. Yuk, but necessary. Some of my courgettes are very yellow too. Not too sure what the problem is with that yet. I’m going to plant more beans.

On the positive, the rhubarb is looking a lot better, and the peas are on their way. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Too many slugs”

  1. It’s been very windy in W London and many courgette/pumpkin plant looks like that. Could you cover with fleece to protect from the wind (assuming it’s been windy in your area)


    1. Thanks Sharon. It’s not been too bad here – I’m wondering if I’m just not watering enough, or if the soil I used in my raised beds isn’t ok – some of the salad has barely come up as seedlings. A bit annoying if it’s that as the big bags of top soil / compost / manure mix were quite expensive. Maybe I’ll top dress it with normal compost and see what happens!


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