Winding down, folding away

There’s something about the symmetry of growing veg – you start with earth, and you return to earth. Dust to dust, ashes to ashes. Or something like that.

I have harvested the rest of the pumpkins. A beautiful orange haul – mostly handed out to friends now. There’s only so much pumpkin you can eat! I’m going to try some different varieties next year.

I cut back the enormous sweet potato plant to discover only 1 knobbly tuber and 2 small ones…. but in the process I also dug up a load of really good red potatoes, which must have been left over from the previous occupant. They were much better than the ones I’d sown myself.

Generally I have been tidying up, composting, pulling out the spent plants. Everything collapsing back down to soil.

I did note, however, at Sissinghurst they are still harvesting beans and other veg. That’s what a team of experts does for you. Not jealous… well not really!




I had a great day doing some painting with Jacqueline Summer. It’s ages since I have really done any art and I really enjoyed myself, working with charcoal and then paint. We started with Mary Fedden’s paintings as inspiration. I didn’t know her at all, but her pictures have such an amazing sense of colour, and a strange sense of perspective. It was quite liberating! She lived a long life so there are plenty of pictures to look at online. I especially liked Lilies at Moonlight, and one with a bowl of spaghetti, although I have now hopelessly forgotten it’s name. In the latter the tomatoes almost disappear into the red background. I felt inspired by that with my plums.