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Frost and other visitors

So we’ve had a few frosts. One at the allotment, but not at the house!

I have laid a few pavers (lazily, straight onto the ground) so the raspberries are easier to access, and won’t get so overgrown next year. The Tulameen didn’t take so I have replanted with some Glen Ample – hopefully these ones will fare better. I’ve had to cut back some of the other rasps early as they had developed a strange black spore on the leaves. Very annoying.

Otherwise, I’ve generally been tidying up and planning for next year. One of my strategies is to write what I’ve planted in each raised bed on the side to make sure I’m keeping my crop rotation (vaguely) going.

Next project is getting the garlic in asap, so more soon….

Autumn Colours

A late afternoon trip to Sissinghurst a couple of weeks ago. Not very busy but still lovely to be out in the bright post-storm skies.

The tower was covered in scaffolding, and all the grass walkways were closed. It was a shame not to get into the orchard (again) as the apple trees were laden – although no-one seemed to be harvesting. I’m not sure the previous owners would have approved…. and I did ponder a quick scrumping run!

The light was really beautiful, and all the plants glowed in the sunshine. It has been quite gloomy so it was a breath of fresh air. 🙂

Roses (in the ugly stage)

From the sofa some nice roses seemed like such a good idea, so easy to order and on offer as well….

However, digging the bed was less fun. Stripped back the earth, dug through the horrid clay / old builders debris from c. 1960, waited for the frosts to end.

But in the end they are in: Gentle Hermione, Munsted Woods, Skylark, Cottage Maid and the Ingenious Mr Fairchild. I am planning to under plant with geraniums and bulbs. Hopefully prettier photos will be available in June, but for now, here are some stalks and manure. 😉


Fruit canes and garlic overdose

Latest from the allotment ….

The storm ripped up a lot of my weed suppressing fabric, and now I have horrible strands of frayed fabric all over the allotment (grr) maybe I shouldn’t have cut it. Very annoying. I also met a very helpful lady who recommended putting weed suppressing under the raised beds. She was doing a beautiful job with her enormous allotment so she has a point.

Anyway, I have planted the following Raspberries:

  • Black Jewel (a black variety)
  • Autumn Bliss
  • All Gold (a yellow variety)
  • Polka

And these gooseberries:

  • Hinnonmaki Yellow
  • Invicta
  • Xenia

Then lots of garlic – Thermidrome, Cristo & Purple Wight Garlic. Ideally I would have put these in raised beds too, but as they are not built yet the clay soil will have to do for this year.

I have put lots of manure on the ground which will be the potato patch next year, which smelt bad and somehow the smell lingered even after washing and showering!