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Progressing / Greenhouse

So the greenhouse is built. Hurrah! Just need to bolt it down to the slab. It was – let’s say – a mission. I have no feeling to build another in my lifetime 😉 .

We laid the majority of the slabs over a very soggy Easter with my dad (where would we be without dads!). The front slabs we laid later, as it was too soggy to continue on Easter Monday. Now we’ve got loads of heat I notice these front ones have sunk slightly. I guess they will lift again once we get some more rain. The joy of clay. Anyway.

The greenhouse construction was further assisted by Rob & Marty. The instructions were middling. Andy & I finished the roof frame and then glazed. The first couple of panes were hardest. (Top tip – if you have a sticky seal system – just partially pull down the strip protecting the sticky side by an inch or so, and then position the pane, before pulling out the rest of the strip).

I eventually managed to fit the louvre, but not without calling the manufacturer. And finally fitted the vents. Now it’s so warm they certainly seem to be works – it’s 40 degrees in there. One extreme to the other.

Rather than buy a potting table I’ve acquired a vintage washstand off eBay. Just need to source some wide, but reasonably priced staging – which is harder than it sounds.

So now almost I’m good to go. My first ever greenhouse!

Sweet / Finally Started

I have finally started planting seeds – SO LATE!

The greenhouse is still not built as the weather has been very unfriendly. Easter was basically a wash out, although we have made some progress on the slab base – more on that soon… In the meantime I have taken to setting up a seed table in the house to get going.

So here’s my first seed list of 2018 🙂 Sweet Peas, Peas, and Mange Tout, as follows:

Sweet: Blue Velvet / Almost Black / Harlequin Mix (Lord Nelson/ Matucana/ Prince Edward of York)/ Opal Mix (Anniversary/ Mrs Collier/ Painted Lady/ Turquoise Lagoon/ Wiltshire Ripple / Hi-Scent

Pea: Tendrilla / Sugar Ann/ Douce Provence

Mange Tout: Carouby de Maussane (my favourite) / Shiraz / Golden Sweet / Oregon

So happy to have begun 🙂




Making way for my greenhouse – it was time for the leaning tower of shed to go….

It has been leaning for three reasons – firstly because it had basically been pushed over by the leylandii, resulting in the earth at the back being compressed, and finally because it had various rotten bits, but not all in the same places!

In turns out that taking down a semi rotten shed is quite hard work, as is was rotten enough to let water in, but not enough to actually fall down easily.

I had already had the electrics disconnected, taken the door off and the shelves down. Next step the roof – although we only had access from one side so in fact it was a bit piece-meal in the end.

It also turns out that breaking up a semi rotten shed takes time too. I have now made two trips to the recycling tip, and reckon one more session of breaking up the sides and loading the car will do it. All we need now is spring ;).