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Too Hot / Squashed

Ok it’s too hot. Too hot for posting blog posts. Too hot for gardening. Too hot to care about football (sorry did I say that out loud – what can I say – I support Scotland!). Too hot to sleep.

Anyway, I’ve been foolishly trying to build raised beds – although unfortunately the large one has turned up hopelessly warped, and the others’ quality is questionable….

I’ve built the first one with the aid of a mallet, I’ve squashed my squash plants into it for now. My garlic is drying out, my peas and beans are now almost over, although I might have to try for a second flush of peas….

I suspect if the heat continues my posts will also be a bit sporadic. Normal service will resume when the usual English weather returns. 😉

Allotment plus pretty pics of Sissinghurst…

So I’ve been super busy so this is a bit of catch up post. A few pics from the garden (wisteria / lily), and greenhouse / allotment progress. I have neglected the allotment (a lot) but it turns out it doesn’t really need me – all the plants I put in (peas / sweetcorn / dahlia/ beans / cabbages) seem to be surviving just fine, even though it has been quite dry.

Some more pics of the allotment – and Sissinghurst Gardens – pretty obvious which is which – lol! Hope to have some film pics of the trip too…

Flowers and Godolphin

I love roadside flowers, and Cornwall was looking very pretty with it’s part stone / part earth walls. We caught it just right – red campion, bluebells, vetch, gorse, lots of thrift (one of my favourites), cow parsley and several things I couldn’t identify. This batch also includes a few pics from Godolphin, a National Trust place which still needs a bit of work, but provided a nice stroll.



Allotment Restart

Somehow I just haven’t been going to the allotment. Weather, travelling for work, just not feeling in the mood etc etc….

I finally got there to discover my sprouting broccoli had gone to seed, and I’d grown an excellent crop of fat slugs and healthy weeds 😦 .

Also my netting had split, and the rhubarb has taken over (aka Day of the Triffids).

So I’m starting again. Loving my raised beds which are easy to weed and already warming up. The main clay soil is still wet and heavy so I’m thinking of investing in some more raised beds.

I’m also upgrading the paths with wood chips – it turns out there is a free pile so I’m putting the chips on top of last year’s weed suppressing fabric.

I’ve “sewn” my netting back together and harvested some of the (quite sharp) rhubarb for a compote. I’ve planted some more broad beans as not all my autumn batch have germinated.

Meanwhile the seeds are coming along at home. It’s nice to be moving again.


More seeds / April 2018

Ok so I continue to plant seeds in the face of changeable weather…. I am loving my greenhouse though! Things germinate so much faster – or maybe that’s just because it’s later in the season? Anyway:


Poppies – Falling in Love / Black Beauty / Candy Floss

Verbena Bonariensis

Cornflower – Black Ball

Mini Lobata

Calendula Touch of Red Mix

Ping Pong Scabious & Tall Double Mix

Basket Flower

Rudbeckia hirta Sahara & Cherry Brandy

Snapdragon Night and Day

Cosmos – Click Cranberries / Daydream/ Peppermint Rock/Purity/ Candy Floss

Morning Glory – Choice Mixed

Wild Marjoram

Sunflower Velvet Queen & Giant Mongolian / Harlequin

Dahlia – Bishops Children

Corn Parsley

Love in a Puff


Cucumber Marketmore (I had good success with this last year)

Sweetcorn Snobaby (these didn’t really work but trying again) / Rising Sun

Pumpkin Jack O’Lantern / Rouge Vif D’Etampes / Marina Di Chioggia

Savoy Cabbage Ormskirk

Courgette – Striato di Napoli

Purple Spouting Brocoli Cardinal

Climbing French Bean – mixed – Carminat / Monte Cristo / Monte Gusto

Dwarf French Bean – Safari

Dwarf Borlotto di Vigevano Nano