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Mostly Squash

So a couple of trips to the allotment plus my probably-not-going-to-make-it aubergines in the greenhouse. I just got going too late so even though I’ve had healthy plants I didn’t plant them early enough to actually develop big enough fruit.

Otherwise it’s mostly squash. As per last year they have taken over the allotment, and I keep finding them. I planted lots of smaller varieties so they would be easier to cook. Also I’ve just planted some mustard and normal spinach and winter salad crops, plus scabious in Salmon Pink, Black Cat & Drumstick in the greenhouse.

No pics yet but I am also on the case with bulbs for next year: Anemone Bordeaux, Tulips Antraciet, Black Hero, Hermitage Double, Royal Acres, Greenstar, Virichic, Tres Chic Salmon Impression, some gladioli, lilies, camassia – some are in, but some I’m hoping to plant tomorrow weather permitting!

Brancaster Beach

We’ve been to North Norfolk. A few shots taken at beautiful Brancaster beach. It is a wide, flat place, but the tide comes in really fast and goes out really far. It’s nice for a paddle on a hot day – I even managed a brief swim! Up the coast from here they found a tree-henge on the beach, so I guess folk have been coming here since ancient times. I’m also falling in love with Hipstamatic again (an app which gives a vintage feel) so expect more B&W pics….

End of Summer / England

The fields have been harvested and I can wander to places I can’t normally reach – like this tree in the middle of the corn field. It’s bad form to walk on farmer’s crops so I’ve had to stick to the edges. Now as I walk to the edge of summer, and maybe the edge of other things, best not to think too hard as we teeter on the brink. Enjoying the late days of sun.

End of Summer / Scotland

A few short weeks and the Rosebay Willow Herb has reached the top of the stems. In the Yukon that signifies the start of the frosts. Here it just means it’s time to expect the turning season. Nights – so long in Scotland in the summer – head swiftly to equinox and the coming dark. Trying to hold onto the summer light for a bit longer, but the Rosebay clock is calling time, and sends it’s seeds out into the world. The promise of next year’s summer upon the breeze.