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Harbour / Shore / Sea

Ahh the sea, and all it’s shades and temperaments. And the colour is soo blue, you can’t even imagine it, especially if you come from the UK where the sea is steel grey, and moody. I love the changes, the details of the water, the people who live and work in and on it, the tourists who are warmed by the lovely weather, and softened by the salt. A few pics from Rhodes, Greece.


The White Garden & Other Flowers

A little trip to the Sissinghurst. As I live fairly close it’s possible to just ‘pop in’, and focus on a few sections¬†rather than trying to see everything…

Today’s choices – some from the White Garden, which was looking lovely, but hard to take an effective encompassing shot; the lilacs with their oh-so-intoxicating smell; and the orchard blossom – which was very impressive. In fact it’s been a really good blossom year in general, I guess due to the low rain fall. Unfortunately, it’s been really cold so I’m not sure the pollinators have been out converting all these blooms into fruit. One of the trees was particularly enormous – several times my height.

On the tower, the clematis montana was rambling up the wall, and another massive climber – not sure what it was though – any takers?

Feb Seed Plantings (Secretly in March!)


So I’ve finally got round to planting some seeds. Just been held up by weather, life etc.

So my Feb plantings look like this:

Veg / Herbs

  • Broad beans (already planted) – Super Aguadulce, Stereo, Sutton, Crimson
  • Peas – Tendrilla, Sugar Ann & Douce Provence
  • Tomatoes – Tigerella, Red Grape Sugar Plum, Indigo Rose, Gardener’s Delight,Costoluto Fiorentino
  • Tuscan Kale
  • Aubergine – Slim Jim – never tried to grow aubergines before so we will see how it goes – this is a slender variety which hopefully will make it easy to use in the kitchen
  • Artichoke – Violet de Provence – there are some old artichoke heads in one of the other allotments and they look fab even as they disintegrate
  • Thyme / Coriander / Fennel (herb) / Garlic Chives


  • Sweet Pea – Blue Velvet & Almost Black – I have also ordered some paler seedlings which will doubtlessly turn up in due course
  • Snapdragon – White Giant & ‘Night& Day’
  • Rhodochiton – Purple Bells
  • Stipa/ Giant Feather Grass
  • Angel’s Fishing Rods – Donard
  • Gypsophila – Rose
  • Dianthus – Russian Skies