I slightly fell in love with this chapel, so exposed by the harbour, with it’s references to the sea painted inside. Even the candles were stood in sand and water. A transition between two spaces, water/land, earth/heaven.  


Like backgammon, and played on the same board, this game is actually made up of three different games. Andy was learning as he went – if you didn’t make your move fast enough, the taxi drivers did it for you! I love how worn the board was – how many games must have been played…

Wayside flowers

These make me think of my grandma – she always had books on flowers of the wayside. I love the word too, the sentiment of these almost neglected plants, but not quite unseen. These are from Greece.  

The diving boys

There were this group of lads, and you could see they’re goading each other to jump. They spent a lot of time thinking about it, and eventually they would go before pondering another 10 minutes before their next jump. It was fun watching. Here are a few snaps.

Harbour / Shore / Sea

Ahh the sea, and all it’s shades and temperaments. And the colour is soo blue, you can’t even imagine it, especially if you come from the UK where the sea is steel grey, and moody. I love the changes, the details of the water, the people who live and work in and on it, the…