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More allotmenting….

I’ve noticed that my allotment doesn’t look like everyone else’s…. it’s more of a riot really…

Anyway I press on. Some of the sweetcorn have two cobs coming: so exciting! The pumpkin is growing lots of pumpkins everywhere. I’m slightly in awe of it’s productivity. Rasps have finally grown a bit more. Still no courgettes – I have bought more compost. Beans are coming. The weeds are also doing very well. Artichokes are looking beautiful, and I even have an aubergine coming (pic to follow). Feeling slightly overwhelmed now. Anyway – more pics of produce soon.

The benefits of imperfection, and a little walk

It has been a strange few allotment weeks. I ventured back down there, to find most things have grown a lot…. especially the weeds, but better still the pumpkin (the plant, if not the pumpkins, is about 10ft across) and the rhubarb. Some things still have not taken off. The peas had gone over, but the sweetcorn plants are now taller than me!

Some weird allotment politics also going on – who knew. I have brought a cordless strimmer to finish off the half mown path. Plus the judgement against failures. This is somewhat annoying – I just want to say – people it’s just an allotment, let’s keep it all in perspective. After all, that’s the joy of gardening, and growing in general. Some things work, some things don’t, you learn, you remember what is important and what isn’t. A bit of imperfection is acceptable, in life, and in allotments.

Maybe it’s the heat… anyway here are some nice green pics. Also a little walk near home, so a few extra photos, including the burnt log which I quite liked. More soon…. as it’s taken me a few days to pluck up the courage to post this!

Allotment update

A few catch up photos. I’ve not been well, so barely tending the place. Happily it’s been raining. I’m going to go again this weekend, and imagine the weeds are now triffid-like in size. The pumpkin has gone crazy and is taking over. The courgettes are not thriving at all. I am going to swap the compost in the winter – I am sure this is the problem. I’m very excited about the sweetcorn – this is the healthiest batch I’ve ever grown!

Christmas Wanderings

Walking, and some much needed fresh air. It was a beautiful sunny day yesterday, not a breath of wind. Some of the frost didn’t melt all day and as soon as the sun started to head back towards the horizon it was cooler. Cold even. I found the perfect sitting log. There were quite a few walkers – some friendly – some as cold as the air. But a lovely walk, and feeling so much better for it.


I drove past the sign to Caen Hill Locks on the way to my meeting, so I stopped for lunch on the way back. They are an impressive run of 16 locks on the Kennet & Avon canal – part of a total of 29 in a 2 mile stretch.

They were built in 1810 – a pretty impressive bit of engineering. Although I didn’t have time to explore the full stretch it was nice to see them all lined up in a row. They were massively refurbished – saved really – from the 1960s onwards. I’m glad.