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Allotment plus pretty pics of Sissinghurst…

So I’ve been super busy so this is a bit of catch up post. A few pics from the garden (wisteria / lily), and greenhouse / allotment progress. I have neglected the allotment (a lot) but it turns out it doesn’t really need me – all the plants I put in (peas / sweetcorn / dahlia/ beans / cabbages) seem to be surviving just fine, even though it has been quite dry.

Some more pics of the allotment – and Sissinghurst Gardens – pretty obvious which is which – lol! Hope to have some film pics of the trip too…

Flowers and Godolphin

I love roadside flowers, and Cornwall was looking very pretty with it’s part stone / part earth walls. We caught it just right – red campion, bluebells, vetch, gorse, lots of thrift (one of my favourites), cow parsley and several things I couldn’t identify. This batch also includes a few pics from Godolphin, a National Trust place which still needs a bit of work, but provided a nice stroll.



Gunwalloe and Rinsey

Some pics from two beaches in Cornwall – the first Gunwalloe. It wasn’t a sunny day but it was atmospheric with it’s moody blues, with a touch of pink on the horizon. Andy associates this as Gunwalloe-in-the-rain due to a trip in the 1970s when it poured with rain and his family sat in their Morris Minor. There was a lot of slate on the beach worn smooth.

The other beach is Rinsey Cove, somewhat changed it seems, due to the Valentine’s Day storm in 2014. The storm stripped the beach of a lot of sand, so it was much rockier than Andy remembered. The tide came in fast too, but it was such a gorgeous sunny day. The sea was freezing though, too cold for paddling (although I tried ;)). I guess it’s still early in the season. It’s a steep walk down in places but beautiful and made us feel like we were on a proper adventure.

Beth Chatto’s Garden

I went on the 5th May. On the 13th May, Beth Chatto died, at the ripe old age of 94, nourished for over 50 years by her marvellous garden I’m sure. As I’m writing this I’m watching Gardeners World, and Monty’s just said it was “a life supremely well lived”. What an epitaph.

It was my first visit. I was expecting it to be ordered, as these gardens often are, but it wasn’t – it was a riot! Everything was growing, everywhere – not a spare bit of earth could be seen. As I went with my aunt, not so many photos as we were chatting too much 😉 . It was a lovely sunny day, although as it was wet in the week before it was a squelchy underfoot in the boggy garden in places. I also liked the wooded areas, especially the enormous pink camellia that must have been 20ft high.

The nursery was also fab, as it has such a good range of plants, many unusual. I acquired (courtesy of my aunt’s Christmas vouchers) 2 stipa, 2 different types of clematis, an unusual Thift “In the Red”, and a purple spineless Arcaena. What a lovely day.

More seeds / April 2018

Ok so I continue to plant seeds in the face of changeable weather…. I am loving my greenhouse though! Things germinate so much faster – or maybe that’s just because it’s later in the season? Anyway:


Poppies – Falling in Love / Black Beauty / Candy Floss

Verbena Bonariensis

Cornflower – Black Ball

Mini Lobata

Calendula Touch of Red Mix

Ping Pong Scabious & Tall Double Mix

Basket Flower

Rudbeckia hirta Sahara & Cherry Brandy

Snapdragon Night and Day

Cosmos – Click Cranberries / Daydream/ Peppermint Rock/Purity/ Candy Floss

Morning Glory – Choice Mixed

Wild Marjoram

Sunflower Velvet Queen & Giant Mongolian / Harlequin

Dahlia – Bishops Children

Corn Parsley

Love in a Puff


Cucumber Marketmore (I had good success with this last year)

Sweetcorn Snobaby (these didn’t really work but trying again) / Rising Sun

Pumpkin Jack O’Lantern / Rouge Vif D’Etampes / Marina Di Chioggia

Savoy Cabbage Ormskirk

Courgette – Striato di Napoli

Purple Spouting Brocoli Cardinal

Climbing French Bean – mixed – Carminat / Monte Cristo / Monte Gusto

Dwarf French Bean – Safari

Dwarf Borlotto di Vigevano Nano




Spring space

So, needing a little trip on my own I went south to Sarah Raven’s Open Day. Spring is a bit mad here this year. It’s been so cold that the flowers have just been waiting for a bit of warmth before coming out – and now the sun is here so is spring and everything is out all together – cheery trees, narcissi and daffs, tulips, and I even saw bluebells on the way down. I can’t remember a year like it.

A few shots to brighten the day: