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Too many slugs

Not happy – come back from hols to discover the slugs have been busy with my beans. I have now resorted to slug pellets. Yuk, but necessary. Some of my courgettes are very yellow too. Not too sure what the problem is with that yet. I’m going to plant more beans.

On the positive, the rhubarb is looking a lot better, and the peas are on their way. 🙂


Harbour / Shore / Sea

Ahh the sea, and all it’s shades and temperaments. And the colour is soo blue, you can’t even imagine it, especially if you come from the UK where the sea is steel grey, and moody. I love the changes, the details of the water, the people who live and work in and on it, the tourists who are warmed by the lovely weather, and softened by the salt. A few pics from Rhodes, Greece.


Other people’s allotments

Looking for inspiration for my allotment to be. I had a scout round to see what other people were up to, and what else was growing. The answer was a lot… also raised beds seemed to be really successful. The ground is basically clay at this end of town – ah how I miss my perfect soil. Plotting what I might plant. So far I have spuds, sweetcorn, broad beans, peas / mange tout, rhubarb, rasps, straws, courgettes, and maybe some flowers. This is not the final list….. full plan to follow!

Perch Hill, Late Summer

A little trip down to Sarah Raven’s Perch Hill. The planting is really interesting, unusual mixtures and colour combinations. It’s always inspiring. It was quite a windy day so hard to take many decent shots. The best bit was a combination of mini lobata and tall grasses en masse over a long arch, but they wouldn’t stay still. If you can name any of “unknowns” let me know.

There was quite a good cornfield en route. I promise I haven’t pasted in the crows. They were really there! When I was a kid we used to build houses out of ‘square’ bales (actually small moveable rectangles), so I always appreciate a straw bale :).