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Gunwalloe and Rinsey

Some pics from two beaches in Cornwall – the first Gunwalloe. It wasn’t a sunny day but it was atmospheric with it’s moody blues, with a touch of pink on the horizon. Andy associates this as Gunwalloe-in-the-rain due to a trip in the 1970s when it poured with rain and his family sat in their Morris Minor. There was a lot of slate on the beach worn smooth.

The other beach is Rinsey Cove, somewhat changed it seems, due to the Valentine’s Day storm in 2014. The storm stripped the beach of a lot of sand, so it was much rockier than Andy remembered. The tide came in fast too, but it was such a gorgeous sunny day. The sea was freezing though, too cold for paddling (although I tried ;)). I guess it’s still early in the season. It’s a steep walk down in places but beautiful and made us feel like we were on a proper adventure.

Other people’s allotments

Looking for inspiration for my allotment to be. I had a scout round to see what other people were up to, and what else was growing. The answer was a lot… also raised beds seemed to be really successful. The ground is basically clay at this end of town – ah how I miss my perfect soil. Plotting what I might plant. So far I have spuds, sweetcorn, broad beans, peas / mange tout, rhubarb, rasps, straws, courgettes, and maybe some flowers. This is not the final list….. full plan to follow!

A few garden flowers and a bit of a walk

Definitely feeling the garden falling back a bit. It seems things take a bit longer than I really want to get established – not that I’m impatient, lol!

As the garden hasn’t seen much love in recent years it’s a question of trying to choose flowers for each season. There are still lots of gaps to fill.

Also a little walk into the countryside. You can see autumn round the corner, although I am in denial ;). The verges are full of extra large cow parsley seed heads, and blackberries. The light is shifting. The season turns.


Sissinghurst Sunshine

Today’s offering from Sissinghurst. It’s been a beautiful afternoon. Stormy up north, but here, sunshine with a nice wind to stir the trees and flowers, and blow the cobwebs out. I feel better for being outside. The veg patch was doing well, and the strange edge of storm light was helpful. The new meadow was beautiful but hard to capture the effect (much better in real life). The white garden was lovely, as usual.