Cold days. Been ill. But you need that blast of fresh air sometimes. A short walk near Tudeley. The church is fab with Chagall windows. But that day I just wanted the muddy fields and the shiver of icy wind.

The crop had died back, and you could get to the two copse, which each held a little jewel of a pond within.

The light held the intensity of winter blue. I didn’t tarry but it was nice to get out.



Frost and other visitors

So we’ve had a few frosts. One at the allotment, but not at the house!

I have laid a few pavers (lazily, straight onto the ground) so the raspberries are easier to access, and won’t get so overgrown next year. The Tulameen didn’t take so I have replanted with some Glen Ample – hopefully these ones will fare better. I’ve had to cut back some of the other rasps early as they had developed a strange black spore on the leaves. Very annoying.

Otherwise, I’ve generally been tidying up and planning for next year. One of my strategies is to write what I’ve planted in each raised bed on the side to make sure I’m keeping my crop rotation (vaguely) going.

Next project is getting the garlic in asap, so more soon….

Autumn Colours

A late afternoon trip to Sissinghurst a couple of weeks ago. Not very busy but still lovely to be out in the bright post-storm skies.

The tower was covered in scaffolding, and all the grass walkways were closed. It was a shame not to get into the orchard (again) as the apple trees were laden – although no-one seemed to be harvesting. I’m not sure the previous owners would have approved…. and I did ponder a quick scrumping run!

The light was really beautiful, and all the plants glowed in the sunshine. It has been quite gloomy so it was a breath of fresh air. 🙂

Winding down, folding away

There’s something about the symmetry of growing veg – you start with earth, and you return to earth. Dust to dust, ashes to ashes. Or something like that.

I have harvested the rest of the pumpkins. A beautiful orange haul – mostly handed out to friends now. There’s only so much pumpkin you can eat! I’m going to try some different varieties next year.

I cut back the enormous sweet potato plant to discover only 1 knobbly tuber and 2 small ones…. but in the process I also dug up a load of really good red potatoes, which must have been left over from the previous occupant. They were much better than the ones I’d sown myself.

Generally I have been tidying up, composting, pulling out the spent plants. Everything collapsing back down to soil.

I did note, however, at Sissinghurst they are still harvesting beans and other veg. That’s what a team of experts does for you. Not jealous… well not really!




I had a great day doing some painting with Jacqueline Summer. It’s ages since I have really done any art and I really enjoyed myself, working with charcoal and then paint. We started with Mary Fedden’s paintings as inspiration. I didn’t know her at all, but her pictures have such an amazing sense of colour, and a strange sense of perspective. It was quite liberating! She lived a long life so there are plenty of pictures to look at online. I especially liked Lilies at Moonlight, and one with a bowl of spaghetti, although I have now hopelessly forgotten it’s name. In the latter the tomatoes almost disappear into the red background. I felt inspired by that with my plums.