Next batch

Planting most of my March seeds, plus I’ve moved the last of the garlic out of the greenhouse and into the raised beds at the allotment. As usual I find I can’t throw away the extras so they are undoubtedly planted too close together. The weather has mostly been a stormy and unsettling wind that…

Old Garage

The last old buildings by the river – the other interesting places have already been demolished and replaced with bland flats – and the same fate awaits this plot too, as the owner is about to retire. Happily some artists have been working to record this wonderful place. Atmospheric – thick with the stench of…

Small sewing interlude

A small sewing project, for my husband’s mum: two draught excluders. I saw some great patterns… but then Husband pointed out his mum needed them now, not in the summer! Good point!!! So I sewed two tubes to an appropriate size (allow extra for the ends). I then filled some glamorous tights with split peas…

Seed love

I love planting seeds. The possibilities – the excitement! The ritual of these small things and how miraculous beauty can come from them. The meditation of slowly depositing them into their tiny cells. The amazing diversity of sizes and colours. And this year finally in my greenhouse too. So, first plantings, apart from the first batch…

January Walking

Walking through Jan. A little snow and frost. A cross-country race. A few bright days. My favourite is the washing line 😉

Allotment & Greenhouse/ coming & going

I’m all out of sync. My dad died. He was a lovely person. I’ll be coming and going here. Some photos from the allotment and garden for now.    

Thinking small

Hello again. I’ve been missing in action for family reasons. These reasons continue. I’ll be coming and going for a while. In the meantime a few pics with my new toy – a macro lens for my iPhone. I know I’m a bit slow on the uptake on this, but somehow I just never got…

Allotmenting (forgotten)

Forgot to post this one so here it is! Winding down now – a few weeks have already seen a lot of change. A few weeks ago I was still harvesting but now everything is dying back, and I’m trying to clear everything down for the lull of winter.

A little walk at Ightham

Just to blow out the cobwebs. It’s good to walk. Especially as the nights close in here. It makes me want to be outside even more.

Wet Sissinghurst

Empty and atmospheric, although I did have to buy a waterproof hat… this is a few weeks ago and now it’s forgotten but not quite!