Comfort gardening

I am enjoying the normality of gardening. It’s been good to be out in the fresh (if cold) air. Today I have been to the allotment. A new raised bed ready for some more dahlias. I’ve just planted up some more in the greenhouse for now – Cafe au Lait Royale and Penhill Dark Monarch….

Spring Sowing 2020

In spite of everything, spring seems to have finally arrived. It’s a relief after a very wet winter (the local park is still flooded). The light is returning. The wet has held me off actually sowing any seeds, aside from a few broad beans, and some sweet peas. But this weekend I’ve finally progressed n…


A few garden photos to remind us what summer looks like.

Cowden Japanese Gardens

A visit to Cowden Japanese Gardens in June. The formidable Ella Christie created the garden originally, with the help of a Japanese lady gardener. The garden lasted 60 years, before falling into disrepair, and has since been resurrected again by her great great niece – 10 years in, there is still quite a bit to do….

Allotment flowers

I’ve grown quite a few flowers at the allotment this year. A small cutting garden of sorts. It’s much easier to cut them at the allotment than in the garden where I don’t like to diminish the display. As my garden is still getting established, that matters. My Gladioli – which were all supposed to…

Allotmenting (June)

I’ve been busy again building another couple of raised beds. I actually think the allotment is finally coming together. The raised beds definitely help keep the weeds down. I’m going to try and put some sort of weed suppressant fabric around the fruit to stop it becoming day of the triffids in the fruit cage…


Visiting Sissinghurst is all about timing – time it just as the buses are leaving, or maybe in the morning, be there so you can leave as they arrive. Then the garden is quieter, more your own to amble through. The rose gardens were looking fabulous! A riot of colour and impossible to capture. The…

Sarah Raven

June at Perch Hill – something to aspire to! (Catching up, this was early June).

Palacio de las Dueñas

A little trip to the palace (plus a couple of airbnb pics). I might have to upgrade. My favourite thing was the Grapefruit Tree – never seen one before – they were hanging like balloons. Oh and the jacaranda trees – who knew a whole tree could be purple?